All Martial Arts Schools Are Not Alike

Shopping around to see which program is best for you is important. Anyone can tell you anything over the phone or write anything on a website. You must go in and try the class for yourself. Points to remember:

  • The first class should be free of charge.
  • Ask, "Who is teaching the beginner classes?" The person who owns the school might have great credentials, but will he actually teach your class?
  • Ask if there are testing fees or any other significant hidden costs.
  • Is participation in tournaments required as part of your study?
  • Are the kids and adult classes separate? It might sound fun to work out with your child, but remember that you have very different needs. You could be working out with 20 other little kids!
  • Be sure the person who teaches your child is qualified and uses age appropriate curriculum. Some instructors teach great adult classes but are challenged by kids. And some instructors teach so many kids classes that they teach adults as if they were children.
  • How many days a week can YOU attend-not how many days a week the school is open.
  • And finally, do they teach Lessons In Mindfulness? If they don't teach Lessons in Mindfulness, they might not be teaching the deeper more philosophical aspects of practice-they are just teaching punching and kicking.

Call today to schedule your introductory class. We have TWO locations in Michigan:

Woodward Avenue: 248.542.5630 | Rochester: 248.601.5600

If you are in the Detroit, Michigan area, we invite you to experience our program and judge the quality of the instruction for yourself. Our students range from professional athletes to homemakers. In any given class, you will see someone just like you.